Calibrator Calibration

Our services include the calibration of multifunction calibrators and process meters so that you can ensure that your tests are performed reliably, your process instruments are accurate, and your measurements are correct and safe. 

The calibration service that Techmaster offers can be performed at your premises. You can be sure that our calibration is accredited and that our technicians have the necessary skills.

We have proven experience and are committed to the quality required to service portable and benchtop calibrators with pressure, temperature, electrical, and frequency functions.

The calibrator is defined as a device or object used as a reference in a calibration that is recognized as being of the highest metrological quality and derives its measurement/source from other equipment under calibration.  

Trust your equipment to Techmaster Electronics; we perform ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration. We like to distinguish that our response times are fast, so you can be sure that we know the importance of keeping your calibrators in proper working order. 

We know that it is critical for industries to keep their equipment calibrated, and we can support your calibration program.   

We explain that usually, given the minimum 4:1 ratio, calibrators are regularly calibrated with more accurate reference standards. This process continues up the calibration traceability pyramid to the more precise calibration standards.

Periodic and scheduled calibration

We provide a periodic calibration service to ensure that your calibrators can perform tests or troubleshoot problems, reducing the risk of quality problems and downtime. 

We perform the calibration service of your calibrating equipment in your facilities or our laboratories.

We calibrate a wide range of models and manufacturers of calibrators, such as (Fluke, Additel, Wavetek, Ectron, Simpson, Keithley, Omega, Martel, and Xitron).

To recap, we calibrate your equipment at your facilities:


  • Calibration accredited in ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  • Traceability to national standards 
  • Calibration reports
  • Calibration labels 

Manage your certificates on our Techmaster portal

  • Receive your recall notices for the calibration of your equipment
  • From our Techmaster portal, you can manage your certificates
  • View, and download your certificates
  • Manage collections of your equipment to calibrate

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