If you use measuring instruments and equipment in your business, you must ensure that they are accurate. Unfortunately, all the instruments you use will experience signs of deterioration over time, which will affect their accuracy.

Even if these instruments are slightly older, you can calibrate them periodically to improve their accuracy and ensure that you always get reliable results. Since calibration is crucial to the stability and consistency of your measurements, it is very important to know why it is important to periodically calibrate your measuring instruments.

What is calibration?

Calibration is a set of operations that measures the actual performance of an equipment using the laboratory standards with significantly better specifications and performance than the equipment under test.

Why it is important to calibrate?

Calibration is too important and a critical step in all industries including manufacturing, testing, research and development, due to it ensures the equipment still accurate in their measurements and can perform their jobs properly. Calibration ensures the equipment in used is within manufacturer specifications and this helps the industries to trust on the data results that the equipment is measuring if their process or product decisions depends on those measures on a data report.

Which Industries we serve the most: Military, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Medical, Pharmaceutical.

We are a Calibration Laboratory with a great experience. Our permanence in the market for over 30 years guarantees that we care about providing a quality, verifiable and transparent calibration service for all our customers.

We offer free pickup and delivery with fast and effective services in Silicon Valley area, Southern California and Orlando, Florida. Our expert technicians are trained to improve efficiency while complying with ISO requirements.

Our calibration services provide you with:

  • Traceable calibration: Standard NIST calibration with certificate
  • Z540: Calibration with certificate and data report
  • ISO 17025: ANAB accredited calibration certificate with data and uncertainties report

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