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Vibration Test Equipment Calibration


Vibration test equipment calibration is verifying and adjusting the accuracy of vibration sensors, such as shakers, controllers, accelerometers, velocity, and displacement sensors. We can also calibrate vibration meters and signal analyzers to ensure they are producing accurate and reliable results.

When selecting a calibration service provider, it is essential to choose a laboratory that has experience with the specific type of vibration equipment being calibrated. The calibration process we performed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations, such as ISO 17025 or NIST traceable standards.

The calibration equipment is typically subjected to a series of tests to verify its accuracy over various frequencies and amplitudes. When using our calibration service, we will provide you with a calibration certificate documenting the calibration results, confirming that the equipment meets the required standards.




Periodic calibration of vibration equipment is important to ensure that it continues to provide accurate and reliable data. We offer ongoing calibration and maintenance services and manage a calibration schedule to help ensure that your equipment is always working properly.

Our calibration plan will ensure that your vibration equipment measurements are accurate, it can also help reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment life and improve safety by identifying potential problems before they cause equipment failure or safety hazards.

We calibrate the most known brands of vibration test equipment and those not so well known. If you don’t see your equipment brand listed, ask for it.


Some of the brands we calibrate are:

  • Brüel & Kjær
  • PCB Piezotronics
  • Dytran Instruments
  • IMV Corporation
  • MTS Systems Corporation
  • Vibration Research Corporation
  • National Instruments
  • Data Physics Corporation
  • Crystal Instruments Corporation
  • Lansmont Corporation

We can calibrate a wide range of vibration test equipment, including vibration shakers, controllers, accelerometers, signal analyzers, and other testing and measurement tools.

    To recap, we calibrate your equipment at your facilities.

    • Calibration accredited in ISO/IEC 17025:2017
    • Traceability to national standards
    • Competitive Turnaround Time
    • Calibration reports
    • Calibration labels

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